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Tendo and Juscoco
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Coconut water is one of the fasted growing beverage sold in USA, leader brand being Vita Coco.

At the beginning the product of Vita Coco was tender coconut water coming from Brazil. But now the demand is so big that the source of all the big sellers can only be coconut water.

"Tender coconut water" is the natural electrolyte beverage , you find inside a young tender coconut.

But Tender coconuts are scarce, and it is difficult to produce industrially tender coconut water in big quantities.

Which is abundant is more mature coconuts, used in industry for producing industrial product, as for instance, desiccated coconut.

As a whole Vita Coco coconut water is now coming from factories next door to the main Philippino, Indonesian, and Sri Lankan DC plants.

" Coconut water" is the liquid coming from a mature nut. In this water, nutrients are still there, but quantity is less.

Vertinnov can offer you either tender coconut water, Tendo brand, or coconut water, Juscoco brand.

Both in UHT aseptic, tetra packs of 330ml, or in UHT aseptic 200l drums, for beverage industry.

Our Jus coco process hence the flavour of coconut water, and its taste is better than previously existing brands ones.

Whatever is yr need, we have the solution..

Frozen king coconut water

Coconut Juice
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In Sri Lanka the regular young (green) coconut is known by the natives as 'kurumba'.

But for drinking, they prefer the sweeter coconut water of the « thambili ».

Thambili means 'bright orange", the distinct color of this coconut, , indigenous to Sri Lanka.

Thambili is also called: «King coconut ».

King Coconut

Thambili is perhaps the only fruit which, in its natural form, exists exclusively for consumption as a beverage.

Studies show that thambili has more potassium than a banana, and better composition of calcium and magnesium than an orange.

lts health and medicinal properties aside, thambili is a delicious drink that naturally cools the body, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated, still better when served chilled.

Frozen KCW 10kg

Then preserving young thambili is a difficult process.

Juice is extracted,generallly lightly pasteurized, and packed into blocks or drums in order to be shipped refrigerated to bottling plant.

But pasteurisation affects the nutrients contents, and when thawing, promotes a faster bacterial growth !

The only way is to cool the fresh juice quickly.

Our principals processing plant is likely the only one in Sri Lanka that got an IQF machine. Within about 40 minutes the juice gets rock hard. There is no sterilisation, since it is fresh quickly frozen.

The taste, the nutrients of the juice coming from the King Coconuts Water are preserved.

None additive, no préservative.100% genuine.


Coconut water concentrate

Coconut Water Concentrate
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In 2004 the International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU; Secretariat is located in Paris,) had determined that coconut water is a fruit juice and is therefore subject to the regulations of Codex.

The new Codex General Standard for Fruit Juices and Nectars, CXS 247, was adopted by the end of 2005.

Coconut fruit juice is is ‘coconut water’ which is directly extracted from the coconut without expressing the coconut meat. Ref page 16 .

US FDA also recognizes coconut water as 100% juice.

So Coconut water can be safely labeled as 100% juice, and been used as an ingredient in fruit juice.

For a mass product we would recommend CWC, Coconut Water Concentrate, with 60° Brix. The coconut water is concentrated 15 times, and delivered in frozen drums.

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