Tendo and Jus ccoco
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Vertinnov is introducing you two new items :

Tender coconut water, Tendo brand, and Coconut water, Jus coco brand.

Coconut water is one of the fasted growing beverage sold in USA, leader brand being Vita Coco.

At the beginning the product of Vita Coco was tender coconut water coming from Brazil. But now the demand is so big that the source of these big sellers can only be coconut water.

"Tender coconut water" is the natural electrolyte beverage , you find inside a young tender coconut.

But Tender coconuts are scarce, and it is difficult to produce industrially tender coconut water in big quantities.

Which is abundant is mature coconuts, used in industry for manufacturing industrial products, as for instance, desiccated coconut.

As a whole, Vita Coco coconut water is coming from factories next door to the main Philippino, Indonesian, and Sri Lankan DC plants.

" Coconut water" is the liquid coming from a mature nut. In this water, nutrients are still there, but quantity is less.

Our up to date process hence the flavour of our coconut water, and its taste is better than previously existing brands ones.

Tendo, and Juscoco are exported in UHT aseptic, tetra packs of 330ml, and also now in UHT aseptic 200l drums, for beverage industry.

Whatever is yr need, we have the solution..

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